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Environments for Logic Pro

Korg Karma Environment: Korg Karma

The Karma Environment for Logic allows full automation of your Korg Karma from within Logic. This allows you complete creative control when using your Karma as a Multi-Timbral workstation either alone or within a larger, multi-synthesizer MIDI rig. It's hands-off recording & editing control of your Karma.

Karma Environment Screenshot

With the Karma Environment, you have complete two-way control:

On the KARMA- Any button press, parameter change and Karma Control that outputs a MIDI CC message will be recorded as part of your sequence in Logic. Once in Logic, these parameters can be freely edited and adjusted in real-time using the Karma Environment GUI.

In LOGIC- Operating the Karma Environment controls will cause the Karma to respond immediately, as if you had adjusted that control on the Karma itself. Because Logic is a powerful sequencer, any change you make to the Karma Environment can be recorded as part of your sequence while at the same time causing the Karma workstation to respond. You are therefore automating your Karma from within Logic...Use the controls to tweak it until its perfect without touching the Karma itself.

This automation control is acheived through the two-way communication between Logic and the Karma using MIDI CC#s & SysEx data.